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Credentials of mock test DBATU Winter semester examination | Techwaves

All third- and fourth- final (final) students of B.Pharmacy and B. Tech Engineering, please find the details below for the Mock Test (Mock link is active). Please use the Chrome browser. Mock Exam is mandatory to check your network connection in your area.

URL of Candidate Mock: -

Username: - TEST1

Rule number: -  mock

Are you having trouble? Help is available.

Log in to the assignment. exam

Tests for B.Tech students (5th and 7th sem). An examination can be done using an Android-based mobile phone with a camera or laptop with a camera or desktop illuminated by the camera. While the exam is in progress make sure the camera is turned on.

Exam Mode: Multiple Choice Questions based on a proctored system.

a) Website address ( Login Name (Your PRN), Password (may be obtained from your principal/test coordinator the previous evening


b) Website address ( Login Name (Your PRN), Password (you will find the option at the bottom right of the login page. By entering the correct information such as registration, email, and mobile No .; you can get the Password)

Please use Chrome Browser (updated) for better information

For technical assistance while the examination is underway contact (9978901597).

For technical assistance please keep the "ANYDESK" Mobile Application installed in the Play Store on your mobile phone or laptop and then call 8980001249

When the test period is over the test paper will be sent automatically. So don't worry about moving.

In MCQ: students must select one of the four provided and then select the "Save Next" button. No negative marking is there.

The questionnaire will consist of 60 questions. Candidates can solve any number of questions. Each question will have 1.5 marks. However, the highest marks allocated to the exam for each subject are 60 marks.

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