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Free Virtual Work Experience Internship program by Infosys | Techwaves

For all of you, students and working professionals, a free virtual work experience internship program is being launched for you by Infosys. In this program, you will be taught all the skills which are taught to the employees of Infosys company. This is the first such program of India that is being provided to you people free of cost, and you will not get to see such a program on any platform, which I am going to tell you in the blog today. We can call it the exclusive program of Infosys, where you will be able to learn new skills. You are also going to get a free certificate.


Which you can put as proof in your resume. In the future, if you'll get a chance to do a job with the world's top IT companies, you'll be preferred by using this certificate. If you people are looking for jobs for yourself in Infosys company, then for that, there is an online platform called forage which provides work experience internship program to you of different-different organization's. There are so many work experience programs here. Which takes max. 5 to 6 hours to complete. In which all the experience is given to the students, that what they have to work practically in the company in coming time.

Everything will be taught to you. Forage is registered with more than 500 companies. Top companies are registered with them. More than 1.5 million students are registered with Forage. More than 70 programs are registered with them. Your chances are increased by 2 to 5 times of getting a job by doing their programs. You people are taught all the practical things here. Which you'll need at the time of the job. That's why their programs are quite beneficial. Here you get to see many new-new programs. Today we are discussing Infosys Power Programmer virtual exclusive program.

If you want to work at Infosys in the future, then this program will work there.


  • Completely free of cost for students.
  • It'll take 7-8 hours to complete this full course.
  • You'll gain practical skills & amazing experience from this course.
  • You can use these skills & experience on your resume for proof.

What you'll get:- 

  • You'll get a chance to check out a career as a Power programmer.
  • You can complete this program in your way as it has completely open access. 
  • You'll get a completion certificate from Infosys company & you can show that certificate to recruiters to show that you have technical skills & knowledge at the time of interview at Infosys & other IT companies.
  • You'll build the confidence & practical skills & appropriate technical knowledge that most companies are looking for.

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